Florida on a Tankful: Be a ninja warrior at Adventure HQ

By Scott Fais, Feature Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, October 05, 2017, 11:11 PM EDT

You may have seen the TV show American Ninja Warrior on Spectrum. Now you can compete like those on television in Brevard County.

“As soon as people hear you have a ninja warrior course, they are like… ‘Oh my gosh!’” explained Lois Pawley, a partner at new concept gym known as “Adventure HQ.”

Inside the former Palm Shores RV dealership awaits a new fitness facility for all ages.

“It’s an all-body workout. You work all your muscles, muscles you didn’t know you had,” Lois boasted.

Her ninja training ground starts easy — then and gets a lot harder.

“We have the lanes graded from pretty easy to more difficult,” she said of the course that has several sections and many physical tests and also involve some smarts. Like the TV show, ninjas of all ages can put their athletic prowess to the test.

“If you fall down, you just climb back up and try the next obstacle,” Lois said.

Obstacles include balance beams, leap frog pads, bouncing bubbles, rings your feet navigate, swinging bars, Lucite panels attached to chains used for climbing and punching bags that sway back and forth.

There’s no right way to make it across. Some like to hop, others decide to straddle. Giant crash bags full of air will catch participants when (not if) when they fall.

Next door is a course for the small climbers.

“Everything is kind of challenging,” young ninja Avery Eller says.

Avery can scale a building in a single bound. A climbing playground for kids consists of everything imaginable to climb.

“I like how it puts a lot of pressure on you,” Avery says of the climbing walls.

Once hooked into the belay system to prevent falling, Avery scales walls like a pro — and offers old people like me this advice.

“You've got to keep your hands dry!”

Good advice for Adventure HQ’s indoor rock climbing wall as well.It’s part of the growing sport of bouldering, soon to be in the Olympics.

“You just climb on up, and as soon as you get to the top, say you’re climbing the pink route, once you get to the top, you’re done,” Lois explained. Several walls for adults allow you to climb to the ceiling and then fall onto giant mats.

Just don’t be afraid to fall and get back up again.

“It’s tricky but a lot of fun,” Lois concludes.

Know Before You Go: Adventure HQ’s Ninja course changes every few weeks with new obstacles to try. Ninja’s must be more than seven-years-old to climb on the ninja warrior course. Find all the details here.

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