PHOTOS: Hundreds of Disney workers rally for pay raise

By Cheryn Stone, Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, October 20, 2017, 8:58 AM EDT

Wage negotiations underway will impact thousands of Disney World workers.

  • Disney workers: We deserve more money
  • Disney: We pay our cast members above minimum wage

Hundreds of the 38,000 full and part-time employees affected rallied for a raise on Thursday. It coincided with a nationwide day of action where hospitality workers addressed income inequality.

Unions representing cast members want a gradual increase with the goal of eventually getting workers to $15 an hour. Many start at $10 an hour.

Walt Disney World cast member Susie Easton works in parking at Magic Kingdom.

“Everyone hopes that Disney does the right thing. We all deserve this. Every single worker at Disney deserves to be making more money by working for a company that makes billions and billions of dollars a year," Easton said at the rally Thursday.

The timeline for a raise is being debated as well.

Andrea Finger, spokeswoman for Walt Disney World, gave News 13 this statement:

“All of our cast members earn more than $2 an hour above Florida minimum-wage, and in fact most cast members earn more than $13 an hour including overtime and premiums. So we agree that our cast members deserve a raise which is why we are offering to increase pay up to 5% over the next two years for most Disney cast members.”

Negotiations started in August. The contract expires Tuesday, Oct. 24. That is when unions of the Service Trades Council Union meet with Disney to see what happens next.