Mother-son duo open gluten-free event center and kitchen

By Sara Belsole, Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, April 14, 2017, 8:19 AM EDT

A mother-son duo is using their struggle with Celiac Disease to help others.

"When someone with Celiac eats gluten, they can’t break it down and it basically attacks their small intestine,” Taylor Miller said.

Miller, 19, and his mother Laura McCutcheon opened the GlutenAway Event Center and Learning Kitchen in Clearwater.

It’s the first of its kind in the nation.

McCutcheon was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about nine years ago; Miller about a year later when he was just 13. He then started the GlutenAway blog.

“To do the most that I can to help others in my situation who are going gluten free as teens, an adult or any age,” Miller said. “I wanted to use my situation to help them."

The blog has more than one million visitors a year, but Miller wanted to expand his services and teamed up with McCutcheon to open the event center. It offers gluten-free cooking classes, sample Saturday events and one-day schools.

"We really tried to make this a home base that people can come to on a regular basis," said McCutcheon. "We hope that people see the need that it meets, and these [centers] are started in other cities,” McCutcheon said.