4th annual Wings Over Winter fly-in held this weekend in Lake Wales

By Stephanie Claytor , Reporter
Last Updated: Saturday, January 07, 2017, 8:21 AM EST

More than 100 paramotoring pilots are in Lake Wales for the 4th annual Wings Over Winter fly-in

  • 4th annual Wings Over Winter fly-in held this weekend
  • Central Florida a mecca for powered paragliding
  • Pilots from across US and as far as Sweden to participate

The event is being held at the Lake Wales airport from Jan. 6-8. 

Aviator PPG, a paramotoring school based at the airport, is hosting the event. One of its owners calls Central Florida the mecca for paramotoring or powered paragliding. 

“The thing about central Florida and Lake Wales is that we have basically endless terrain whether rancher’s property or groves that are just gorgeous to fly around and through,” said Eric Farewell. 

Farewell said pilots from across the United States are participating and even from as far as Sweden.  

“It’s beautiful,” said Olle Gartell, who rearranged his vacation to Costa Rica so he could participate in the fly-in. “Really nice to fly with all these people. They’re really nice, and uh, as Americans usually are, they’re very friendly to foreigners.“ 

The event is free to spectators. Vendors are also providing instructional tandem flights.