Town of super-sized art

By Scott Fais, Feature Reporter
Last Updated: Saturday, September 17, 2011

If there was ever a Mayberry in Florida, look no further than Lake Placid. But in this three stoplight town off U.S. 27, you will discover a town wrapped up in art -- literally.

The lastest census shows only 1,600 call Lake Placid home, along with 40 murals.

Memorialized on a walking tour in Lake Placid are the town's railroad, citrus crop, diversity and its Rose Man -- 85-year-old Willard Campbell.

Campbell spends every morning in his back yard cutting roses before delivering them to the sick and those caring for them. His efforts are highlighted here in one of the Lake Placid murals.

A guide book provides a walking tour and background information into Lake Placid's founding fathers -- larger than life public figures and historic events, such as the 1913 bank robbery.

There is even a tribute to the local electric company and one dedicated employee.

Increased tourist traffic has resulted in increased trash on the streets, until some 3-D trash cans were scattered across town. The only thing that could cut your trip short to this outdoor museum could be the weather.

But like Mayberry, everything here ends in sunshine.

"Mural Mania" is free and visitors are welcome at anytime. The Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce can serve as a starting point and distributes walking tour maps.

The Murals of Lake Placid

Town full of giant artwork offers larger than life murals and trash cans.


Lake Placid
Highlands County

Anytime you want. All the murals are all outside in public areas.

Visitor Center:
18 North Oak Avenue
Lake Placid, Florida 33852

With 40 murals, the art stretches from the Winn-Dixie to the police station.

Lake Placid Mural Society
(863) 531-0211

Free for all

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