Cinco de Mayo gets 'dirty' at Chico's

By Allison Walker, Entertainment Reporter/Anchor
Last Updated: Thursday, May 05, 2011

Whether you're in Cocoa or Ocoee, non-Mexican restaurants across Central Florida are trying to act like one to lure in revelers for Cinco de Mayo.

But there's a place just a block from Wall Street that claims to be the only authentic Mexican restaurant in downtown Orlando.

Half of it is actually a replica of a Mexican street.

It's called Chico's Dirty Tacos & Tequila. The "dirty word is very intentional.

"[It's about] maybe being a little bad, you know, a little promiscuous, said Michael Minot, assistant general manager.

You know something went down before you got there because of all the bras, panties and boxer shorts slung on pictures, and clotheslines. The items are strategically placed throughout the restaurant, hinting at the "good times people had just experienced.

When we walked in Thursday before the grand opening, an employee was artfully writing the 244 shots, and 63 tequilas on a colorful chalkboard. That drink menu nearly takes up the entire wall behind the bar.

A bunch of UCF students are running this place, including Minot. Cortez Enterprises is the parent company, also managing World Famous Burger & Beer, Vain NightClub and the newly opened Terrace 390.

Minot tells us that Chico's is anything but Tex-Mex. He says they only serve authentic Mexican food. That means they're using the tongue and stomach lining from a cow in a few dishes.

"That would be our tripe soup, said executive chef Chris Sterna about the most unusual item on the menu. "It's actually the hangover cure in Mexico."

Chef Sterna claims that everything you order is kissed with a special ingredient.

"Everything has a touch of our tequila-based sauce on it."

Before you check out Chico's, you should find him. Huh? Click here. The restaurant puts up a math problem for you to solve. If you do, you get 10% off your bill or a free shot.

Meanwhile, some of you may want to spend your Cinco de Mayo at home. Whether you're hosting a party, or are planning on a quiet evening with the family, check out our Chef's Kitchen section on Channel 300.

Brand new is a title called "Mexican Meals." There, you'll see how to make several tasty dishes that could become a new family tradition! They include Red Mesa's Carne Asada, fish tacos from the Taco Bus, and a new twist on nachos.

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