Casey Anthony judge dropping more hints at jury location?

By Jacqueline Fell, Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, April 15, 2011

Party photos, tattoos and jury selection was discussed at a status hearing Friday for Casey Anthony.

Her trial is set to start in a month. The defense is very concerned of the time limitations to find a fair and impartial jury.

Judge Belvin Perry appeared to be dropping more small hints to where the jury selection will take place.

The defense is requesting more notification on where jury selection will take place. They said they will need more than five days to pick 20 jurors.

At the last hearing, Judge Perry said if they couldn't pick a jury from a secret location, they would come back to Orange County to do it.

Since then, News 13 has pointed out the subtle hints Judge Perry has said in court.

Last week, Perry said once the location is known, there will be a feeding frenzy -- but that there's not that many TV stations there.

Then Friday, he said "There's going to be some press in that area, not as much as you see here because of certain limitations. But there will be press, not in that area, but they're going to be press generally throughout. Very similar to what's here. And if you look at the venues, one of the things it says, you can try to see if you can get a jury someplace."

Perry also said the hotels come cheap at this secret location.

In other news, the defense has withdrawn one of their mental health experts. And, we are hearing what photos the state wants to use at trial.

One of them is this photo of Casey's tattoo, which says "Bella Vita, Italian for "beautiful life.

The defense also withdraws the second mental health expert.

There was also argument over some of the 236 photos the state wants to use at trial.

The defense successfully got one picture of Anthony smiling at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

But pictures like Casey's tattoo, her out at a nightclub, and some showing the T-shirt found with Caylee's remains could all be shown to a jury.

That is if the state can prove their relevance.