The different sides of Casey Anthony

By Jacqueline Fell, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, April 07, 2011

We've seen many sides of Casey Anthony in court.

She's cried, been angry, and even calm sometimes.

But this entire process, and being locked up for more than two years, is weighing on the young mother accused of killing her daughter.

Anthony has no privacy.

It's a big reason no one but her attorneys visit her at the Orange County Jail.

Reviewing her visitation logs, no one but attorneys or those with legal business have come to visit with the 25-year-old in months.

She's has no phone calls or video visitations from friends or family since August 2008.

"Those are really things that ground us," said Dr. Amanda Janner, a psychologist.

Janner said Anthony is deprived of her personal freedoms, and the longer she's in jail and isolated, the more concerned Janner would be of her mental health.

"When we're left to our own thoughts, they can they can almost run away from us, Janner said. "We don't have anything to bring us back bring us back to rational reality.

But recently, we've seen a different Anthony in court.

There's been less tears and no I love you's to her parents.

We've seen her smiling and laughing with her defense team.

Attorney David Fussell, who's not involved in the case, said her attorneys and those official visitors have become her friends.

"There's no one else she can talk to with any confidence except her attorneys and the people on the defense team, and for her to have any dialogue in life, she has to talk to them," Fussell said.

Fussell also said most defense attorneys talk with their clients about their demeanor and remind them during the trial it's as if they're on stage.

"The jury is watching them the entire trial, Fussell said. "The defendant is one of the two focal points in the courtroom the other being the witness. So it's important the client act appropriately in the courtroom."

Ever since Anthony was arrested, she's been under what's called protective custody where she's not allowed contact with other inmates.

Jail officials said it's for her safety since her case is high profile.

She's in her cell alone for most hours every day.