Casey Anthony case cooking up business for restaurants?

By Adam Longo, Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunchtime at the Orange County Courthouse means hundreds of people flooding out the doors.

When the Casey Anthony trial starts, there will be a couple hundred more people right across the street, and everyone will be looking for a place to eat.

Expect a lot more dough and a lot more cheese come mid-May.

When Anthony's in court, more pizzas will be sliding into the oven at Fratelli's Restaurant.

"Our restaurant is full without the Casey Anthony [case], especially in that time 12 to 1, said Julian Serjani.

Serjani and his family run Fratelli's Restaurant, which sits literally in the shadow of the Orange County Courthouse.

"We're definitely busy now, but we will be double busy during that two-month trial, Serjani said.

"We're preparing to extend our hours, said Richard Grdo of Champs Café.

Champs Café, which is right on the courthouse property, is already thinking about the seats that will fill up.

"It's gonna be a lot of business, a lot of people, and we're really excited for it, Grdo said.

Grdo is already talking about extending his hours, and possibly opening on weekends.

He's also already planning on adding staff.

"We'll need more than two or three people here. Absolutely, Grdo said.

"To hire just for two months, that is the hardest part, Serjani said.

Serjani is ready to hire for temporary work as well.

He said they'll be out delivering to press.

They've worked out discounted rates with the court to feed Anthony's jury. They'll have box lunches ready to fly out the door.