Casey Anthony's attorneys grill fired corrections officer

By Adam Longo, Anchor/Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, March 14, 2011

Defense attorneys finally got the chance to grill a former Orange County corrections officer under oath.

Sylvia Hernandez was fired after she was accused of passing letters back and forth between Casey and another jail inmate.

Besides her lawyers, Casey Anthony probably had more interaction with Hernandez than anyone else.

Hernandez was fired from the Orange County Jail last July after an investigation revealed she let Casey Anthony chat with another inmate, Robyn Adams.

Prisoners in protective custody aren't allowed to talk to each other.

Hernandez also allegedly let Anthony cut Adams' hair.

Monday's deposition was the very first opportunity for Anthony's attorneys to talk with Hernandez.

Presumably, the defense would like to show that Adams was an agent of the state, working with law enforcement to get incriminating statements out of Anthony so she could get a reduced sentence or some sort of benefit down the road.

Neither Jose Baez or Cheney Mason would discuss the 45 minute deposition.

Hernandez does have a new job.

At the most recent court hearing, defense attorneys told the court Hernandez was hired as a police officer in Groveland, and they were having trouble serving her with a subpoena for the deposition.

In fact, the defense private investigator says he was told to "leave town and never come back" when he tried to serve the subpoena.

It's still unknown Adams or Hernandez will testify at the upcoming trial.