George Anthony Testimony Reveals Changing Story

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Last Updated: Friday, October 16, 2009

New testimony from George Anthony's Aug. 5 deposition revealed multiple inconsistencies as detectives tried to find out what happened to Caylee Anthony.

During the hours long deposition, George kept changing his story and changing the timeline of events, especially when it came to crucial information regarding evidence in the case against his daughter, Casey.

In a newly released photo, you can see a gas can taken into evidence by the Orange County Sheriff's Office. You can also see a large piece of duct tape stuck on the side.

At the beginning of his deposition, George told attorneys Casey had stolen the can out of his shed and returned it June 24.

George also said he didn't realize the can had been stolen until that same day.

However, George also told attorneys he had purchased new gas cans so he could fill up his lawn mower and cut his grass.

When they asked why he'd have to buy cans when Casey had already returned the one in question, George changed his story and said he bought the news cans after.

George also changed his story about the duct tape several times.

He initially told the attorneys the can never had duct tape on it, but then said he could have put it on the can.

George said he often put duct tape over the vent to stop gas fumes from escaping.

He then told the attorneys he wasn't sure if he cut the grass before Aug. 1 when police took the can into evidence.

A picture taken on Aug. 1 clearly shows duct tape on the can.

So how did the tape get on the side of the gas can if George says he never put it there?

George explains by saying, "It's a mystery to me too."

Another point of confusion was the concrete slab the Anthonys poured in their backyard during the summer when Caylee was first reported missing.

George first said he poured it at the beginning of June, but then said he could have poured it in July.

He said he couldn't remember exactly what happened when.