Brother Visits Casey Anthony, Call Home From Jail Released

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Last Updated: Friday, July 25, 2008

Casey Anthony's attorney and detectives met in a closed-door meeting Friday evening at the Orange County Jail. But everyone is remaining tight-lipped about the outcome of the discussion.

Earlier Friday, Casey Anthony's brother, Lee Anthony, visited his sister Friday for the first time since her arrest.

Records from the Orange County Jail showed that her brother Lee visited her at noon for 45 minutes Friday. Casey's parents also visited for 45 minutes at 1 p.m.

Lee Anthony said the family is getting a crash course in the legal system because they haven't been through this before.

He also said his sister is not mad at investigators anymore and is even willing to talk to them.

Casey Calls Home

News 13 has obtained the taped phone call Casey made to her parents' home the night she was arrested.

In the 13 minute long conversation, Casey told her mom she did not want to talk to her and asked for her brother, Lee, after about two minutes. Casey then asked Lee for Tony's number. She also informed Lee that she did not want any of her family members coming down to her first bond hearing.

A frustrated Lee, then handed the phone to Casey's friend, Christina.

For the remainder of the phone conversation, Christina tried to get information from Casey about her daughter's whereabouts. But Caylee said she tried to tell investigators everything she knew, but they won't listen to her.

911 Tapes

The Orange County Sheriff's Department released the two 911 tapes regarding the search for missing Caylee Anthony.

In the first tape, Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandmother, said she wanted her daughter Casey Anthony, arrested, and reported she had stolen her automobile and some money.

Cindy Anthony called a second time once Casey told her the toddler had been missing for more than a month.

Later in the call, a calmer Casey Anthony told dispatchers her daughter was with a babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

An earlier phone call from Cindy Anthony was released Friday by Orlando police, in which she tries to bring Casey in to have her arrested for stealing the car and money.

The 911 calls give some insight with what detectives are dealing with in the investigation.

During the first call, Cindy Anthony mentioned she wanted someone arrested, but then mentioned later that her granddaughter had been missing for a month.

News 13 talked to Dr. Richard Weinblatt, the manager of the Criminal Justice program at Seminole Community College, who said the calls defintely send up some red flags.

"It's a little bit unsual. You have contradictions, even when you compare it to current statements to things that happened in the call, and she seems to be focusing on the fact somebody arrested, and she's focusing on that instead of the granddaughter, which seems to be an afterthought," Weinblatt said.

Weinblatt added Casey's behavior was unusually calm as she spoke with the dispatcher.

Family Cannot Post Bond

Casey Anthony's attorney said the family cannot make the $500,000 bond needed to get the 22-year-old mother out of jail.

On Thursday evening, Jose Baez said he will file an appeal to the bond amount.

Baez said Anthony does not pose a flight risk.

Casey's grandfather said if and when Casey gets out of jail, she'll be staying with them at their home. The family also believes once home, Casey will be more forthcoming with information.

There are three holds against Casey Anthony that must be satisfied before she can be released. Two of those holds have not been released, but one is believed to be a requirement she give up her passport. The third is the requirement she be held on house confinement under electronic monitoring.

Family Takes Matters Into Own Hands

The divide between the attorney for the mother of missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony and Orange County Sheriff's detectives continues to widen as the family takes matters into their own hands to find the little girl.

As of noon Thursday, Casey Anthony was still behind bars waiting for her family to raise the $50,000 and $500,000 security needed for her bond. She is also not talking to authorities.

The sheriff's office is conducting a criminal investigation, while the family of Casey and Caylee have launched a new effort in finding the 2-year-old with a call center.

Casey's attorney, Jose Baez, has hired a private detective, but Baez has not returned any of News 13's phone calls.

Help Find Caylee

The family has also opened a call center in hopes of reaching someone with information on Caylee's whereabouts.

  • Caylee Call Center: (888) 848-8752

The family has also set up a trust fund to try and raise money to help with the search. They said the money will only go toward finding Caylee, and not for any possible bond for Casey Anthony.

Donations can be made at any SunTrust Bank.

A benefit has also been planned in Daytona Beach on Friday, Aug. 1, to help raise money for the search for Caylee.