Florida on a Tankful: Indoor go-kart racing for a wet weekend

By Scott Fais, Feature Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, September 07, 2017, 1:43 PM EDT

"These go karts a built a little bit differently than you would see,” hinted Nazia Ansari.

On this track, the weather can't rain on your race, since there's a roof with dance lights.

"It can rain outside, it can be cold or hot, you can still have a good time inside I-Drive NASCAR," Nazia said.

In the middle of Orlando's tourism corridor awaits go kart racing, inside.

NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing is high-tech and puts everyone behind the wheel with special cars.  The SODI RTX karts from France have a few secrets.

"The seats, the pedals, the steering wheel, it's all adjustable to you,” Nazia said.

While the customization adds comfort, something else is missing: the exhaust fumes.

As soon as each car parks at the end of a heat, it's plugged back into an overhead re-charging system. These things are electric.

"They got two batteries here. And they got two batteries here,” Nazia said pointing to a hidden compartment under the fiberglass side panels.

And since these are electric, a red remote control can stop a car whose driver is misbehaving.

"One of our track marshals will be holding that remote pretty much all eight minutes you're on the track,” Nazia confirmed.

Adult rides can go faster than 40 mph. Kids heats go about 20 mph.

Just like a real NASCAR driver, before you can tackle the track, you need to put on your head sock, before wearing a helmet.

Besides fulfilling the need for speed, NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing also will allow visitors to fill up.

"We're famous for our wings,” Nazia shared.

Meantime, the “Lucky Dog” combines a hamburger and hot dog under the same bun. The large portions will give you energy for the arcade games and that next ride.

While International Drive is home to NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing, Nazia said the concept will expand to other cities and countries in the future.

Know Before You Go:
NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing is located just off International Drive, near the outlet mall and Fun Spot America.

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