Volunteers help Lake County residents clean up after Hurricane Irma

By Sarah Panko, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, September 25, 2017, 11:25 AM EDT

Lake and Sumter Emergency Recovery​, or LASER, is calling in volunteers and deploying them throughout Lake County to help citizens clean up after Hurricane Irma.

  • LASER deploys faith-based organizations to help
  • Volunteers removed large trees from resident's yard
  • Many residents are still cleaning up from Irma  

Volunteers with Florida Baptist Disaster Relief removed large oak trees from Katrina Boyer's yard in Clermont on Friday. 

"I'm alone here and I don't have any equipment so those trees were going to stay there indefinitely because I just couldn't possibly do that myself," said Boyer. 

Boyer says the trees came down during Hurricane Irma. She also lost a barn roof and her fence was damaged.

Boyer's home is one of eight jobs the team from New River Baptist Association has worked so far in Lake County. Boyer calls the whole thing a miracle.  

"I'm very, very happy still a lot of clean up work around here but that's the big stuff," said Boyer.  

To apply for LASER assistance, call 352-253-9999 or visit www.laserfl.com.