Titusville man helps homeless veterans get to shelters

By Caitlin Wilson, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, September 10, 2017, 1:39 AM EDT

As Central Florida residents prepare for Hurricane Irma, a Titusville man is making sure local homeless veterans make it to a shelter before the storm hits.

  • Titusville man helps veterans get to shelters
  • The city has nearly 300 homeless, 50 of them vets
  • To help homeless vets, visit www.nvhs.us

George Taylor, who works with the national veterans homeless support group, said there are nearly 300 homeless people in Titusville and 50 of them are veterans.

He's been able to help 80 percent get to shelters as of Saturday. 

Elizabeth and Jim Todd built this homeless camp over an 11 year period. Their belongings and home survived Hurricane Matthew, but they fear they won't be so lucky this time around.

"Some people didn't get that fortunate last time and they aren't going to be that fortunate this time either," said Elizabeth Todd, a homeless veteran. "It's like George was telling you there are so many of us out here and everything will be destroyed."

They were just one of dozens of locals Taylor has worked to get to shelters and safety in the past few days.

He hopes people will show compassion for those with out homes as the storm bears down.

"This is what they have, whether the public likes it or not, this is their home, they're going to lose it all with out a doubt they're going to lose it all," Taylor said.

Even though many are now in shelters, they still worry for the future.

"There just isn't a way to tell if it will be here when we get back," Todd said. "This is all we have. This is it."

If you'd like to donate or help support homeless veterans after Irma passes, check out the website www.nvhs.us.