Woman arrested a week after fatal hit-and-run in Orange City

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 09, 2017, 6:07 PM EDT

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office has arrested a woman they say tried to cover for her boyfriend in a fatal hit-and-run in Orange City last week.

  • Kelly Healey accused of covering for boyfriend in hit-and-run crash
  • Deputies say she called saying she was driving, thought she hit an animal
  • They say Walter Gunther was actual driver, killed 14-year-old girl

Kelly Healey was arrested Wednesday for being an accessory after the fact to a first-degree felony and providing the offender aid in regards to avoid or escape detection. 

In the early morning hours of Aug. 1, Healey called the sheriff's office to say she had picked up her boyfriend, Walter Gunther, from work to take him home, and she thought she had hit an animal, but she was worried it could be a person.

Healey told dispatch she wanted to drive back to the scene, but her windshield was broken, as was a headlight, so she couldn't see to drive. There was no blood on the vehicle.

Investigators later interviewed Healey and Gunther separately, and after Miranda rights were read, Gunther admitted that he was in fact the driver, not Healey. Video from Gunther's place of work confirmed him entering the vehicle and leaving the parking lot.

Gunther was arrested for leaving the scene of a deadly crash. He also had a suspended license.

Gunther is accused of killing Danielle Briene T. Llewellyn, a 14-year-old girl who had a skateboard when she was struck.