Thieves steal woman's trailer, leaving her homeless in Palm Bay

By Greg Pallone, Brevard County Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, August 17, 2017, 4:40 PM EDT

Imagine someone breaking into your home, and stealing from you. But what if they also stole your home?

  • Trailer home stolen from Palm Bay parking lot
  • Owner said she had permission to leave it there after tires blew
  • Trailer had all of her personal belongings, leaving her with nothing

"Could you imagine having your home stolen?" Kalie Proctor said. "Your entire house."

Proctor considers her 2001 Jayco Eagle travel trailer her home.

After saving enough money to buy it, she's lived in it for several months this year, as she drove around the country, selling custom-made clothing to get by.

"I've always wanted to be free and not locked down," she said.

But in mid-July, she returned to Palm Bay, where she grew up, to take care of her sick mother.

As she got off Interstate 95, three of the tires blew, and she was forced to pull into the Office Depot parking lot off Palm Bay Road.

She got in touch with the property manager, who said she could park it until repairs were made.

Kalie checked on the trailer every night for a week. Then on July 26, when she showed up to get the tires installed, there were empty parking spaces. 

"The only thing left was my hitch mount that was drilled through, and fragments of my tires scattered about," she said with tears in her eyes. "It's my life, everything I've worked for."

Someone had stolen it, and the thousands of dollars of clothing and crafts inside. Also inside -- all over her identifying paperwork, including legal and medical paperwork and medications. 

Kalie is desperate to get everything back. She's taken to social media, but the tips have been few and far between.

"The trailer itself is insured, but the things that matter the most to me aren't," said Kalie.

The trailer is worth $10,000 and is paid off. Kalie thinks someone may have thought it was abandoned so they took it.

The trailer is a 28 foot 2001 Jayco Eagle 266 FBS. In addition to the pictures, Proctor says the trailer had the following identifying features:

  • A rainbow equality sticker on the back
  • Orange and gray pool noodles tied on back
  • A sticker of a girl walking a T-Rex in the passenger side window
  • 1/2 propane tank held on with tape
  • 1-2 blown out/flat tires on the driver's side

Kalie has set up a GoFundMe page to help get back on her feet. If you go to her Facebook page, she's also posted a list of craft supplies she's hoping people will help donate so she can get back to crafting and working.

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