Florida on a Tankful: Albino alligators captivate at Wild Florida

By Scott Fais , Feature Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, July 07, 2017, 11:38 PM EDT

What’s now on display at Wild Florida is indeed different.

  • Wild Florida home to 2 albino alligators
  • Blizzard and Snowflake couldn't survive in the wild
  • Wildlife park offering free admission through 2017

"It's next level,” promised Sam Haught with Wild Florida.

What is it?  Well, it has a tail, claws and a chin that leads to a lot of teeth. Yet, the color will surprise you.

"To have white alligators is special,” Sam explained.

 Wild Florida in Osceola County is home to two albino alligators with bad eyesight.  In fact, their eyes are colored red.

Yet, Sam says don't feel sorry for Blizzard and Snowflake, since he believes the albino gators couldn't survive in the wild.

"In the wild, they are just a big, white glowing target for anything that likes to ear alligators,” Sam said.

The pair are recent additions at the wildlife park, that’s offering free admission through the end of 2017.  Their new habitat is covered in shade to prevent sunburn.

"They have to be climate controlled, to a large degree,” Sam explained. “And also they can't have any sunlight."

Visitors stay safely outside the floor-to-ceiling glass, but Sam says the pair tends to move slow, like another creature at Wild Florida.

"We've strangely become a sloth destination in the middle of nowhere,” Sam said.

The wildlife park in Kenansville is home to sloths, that attract quite the crowd.

"People come from all over the world to see them," he said.

That’s right: sloths. One reason, a recent baby that joined a second baby born on site a few years ago.

"That's really unique.  It put us on the map in the sloth community,” Sam said.

While one sloth appeared hungry for corn on the cob during our visit, visitors pulled their phones out for a photo you can't find anywhere else.

Here, a special tour for an additional charge will allow you to take a selfie with a sloth.  Call it a “slothie.”

Sam says many of the animals at the family owned park came from bad situations.

"We've rescued them and provided them a much better habitat to live,” Sam said.

And you can't leave without catching one of the free handouts in the lagoon.

"Common.  One more step.  Up!" say a caretaker of a giant alligator that stretches 13 feet long.

The gator feeding show draws quite the crowd, where raw chicken is sent on a zipline over a gator filled lagoon.  The animals then jump and leap, showing their incredible strength, as they leap in order to dine.

Know Before You Go
Admission to the Wild Florida gator park is free, while a sloth encounter will cost extra.  To learn more, click here.
You'll find Kenansville south of Orlando in Osceola County, not far off the Florida Turnpike.

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