Weather Blog: Hot mornings, normal afternoons in June

By Jamie Martin, Meteorologist
Last Updated: Monday, July 10, 2017, 6:23 PM EDT

We were finally wetter than normal across the area in June! After months of dry conditions stoking fire fears and leading to drought concerns, we spent much of June catching up to annual rainfall numbers.

Temperature-wise, Central Florida's temps were pretty normal in the afternoons but above normal in the mornings. In Melbourne, low temperatures actually tied or broke records on several days.

Here are the numbers for June across our area.


  • June 1:
    Tied a record warm low of 76 degrees, last set in 2013.
  • June 12:
    Tied a record warm low of 78 degrees, last set in 2009.
  • June 15:
    Tied a record cool high of 83 degrees, last set in 1962.
  • June 19:
    Record warm low of 78 degrees.
    Previous record was 77 degrees last set in 2012.
  • June 20:
    Record warm low of 79 degrees.
    Previous record was 78 degrees last set in 1978.
  • June 21:
    Record warm low of 80 degrees.
    Previous record was 79 degrees last set in 2006.
  • June 29:
    Tied a record warm low of 79 degrees, last set in 2010.
  • June 30:
    Tied a record warm low of 80 degrees, last set in 2003.


  • Orlando:
    Monthly average temperature of 79.7 degrees. That was 1.7 degrees below average.
  • Daytona Beach:
    Monthly average temperature of 80.6 degrees. That was 0.7 degrees above average.
  • Melbourne:
    Monthly average temperature of 82.1 degrees. That was 1.7 degrees above average.
    This ties 2009 as the as the third warmest June on record.


  • Daytona Beach:
    9.22 inches of rain for the month. That was 3.39 inches above average. 
  • Orlando:
    5.44 inches of rain for the month. That was 2.14 inches below average.
  • Melbourne:
    6.45 inches of rain for the month. That was 0.26 inches below average.