Florida on a Tankful: Tree Top Adventures in Crystal River

By Scott Fais, Feature Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, June 09, 2017, 5:14 AM EDT

"It's around trees, in the woods and everyone is nice here,” said future sixth grader Kailyn Howard of Crystal River.

In the woods of Citrus County awaits the sound of adventure in the making, that may take courage.

"It feels like you're flying, levitating off the ground," Kailyn said.

Kailyn and friends pushed themselves to new heights on an obstacle course 20 feet above ground at Tree Top Adventure.

"You have to unclip it. And you have to hook it to the rope, and then take the zip line cord,” Kailyn explained of her life harness.

After an hour, Kailyn is an expert on navigating safely at Tree Top Adventure at Faith Haven Christian Retreat Center.

Once safely tethered in, folks scale a ladder and begin navigating an obstacle course where they scamper over suspended logs, climb around inverted power poles and zip down cable lines, all among the tree tops.

Visitors can go as many times as they like in two hours, thanks to a former Largo man who left the city for the country.

"I woke up and decided I wanted to move back to the country and grow up and give back to the world what we've done,” said Scott Baggerly, the founder of Tree Top Adventure.

The marine engineer has worked on water projects all over the world he said. Developing the concept of a tree top adventure circuit was no match for Scott. Today, there are three different sections that provide aerial challenges.

Visitors will encounter 24 elements designed to create physical and perceived barriers. A lot of the dynamic here is mind over matter.

"This course is built on self confidence building, self improvement, self esteem,” Scott said.

Guides on the ground help participants figure out the overhead network of logs, bridges and even skate boards on high wires.

"It came right out from under me,” Kailyn said of falling off the skateboard challenge 20 feet up. “I was just hanging there. Just from the rope. So then I had to pull it back and try again."

The three overhead trails end with a wild zip line back to earth.

"Let them experience nature like they're supposed to be doing,” Scott said.

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