More students pass the FSA in 2017, say Florida education officials

By Christie Zizo, Digital Media Producer
Last Updated: Thursday, June 08, 2017, 5:28 PM EDT

Florida Standard Assessment scores are on the rise at school districts across the state, the Dept. of Education announced Thursday.

  • Percentage of students who passed FSAs went up in 2017
  • English, math and social studies pass rates increased
  • More African-American students passed the math FSAs, narrowing achievement gap

The state says student scores on the standard tests went up in several grades and subjects, particularly in specific math subjects.

In grades 3-10, the percentage of students passing the English languages arts FSAs went up two points, with third and fourth grade rates overall going up by 4 points.

In math, the pass rate for grades 3-8 increased by 2 points. The pass rates also increased for students in Algebra 1 by 6 points, Algebra 2 by 9 points and Geometry by 2 points.

Fourth grade performance on the math FSAs increase by 4 points.

More students also passed the Civics and U.S. History FSAs, while the pass rate for Science FSAs remained the same.

The state also said more African-American students passed the math FSAs this year, narrowing the achievement gap between white students and African-American students.

To see the pass rates for your child's school, head to the Florida Dept. of Education website and open the spreadsheets for your child's grade under each subject. The spreadsheets are in Excel format.