Weather Blog: About new tropical term 'potential tropical cyclones'

By Jamie Martin, News 13 Meteorologist
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 2:17 PM EDT

There have been a lot of questions regarding this new term “potential tropical cyclone,” which assists with tropical interference.

  • New product helps track tropical cyclones
  • 'Potential tropical cyclones' numbered equally with depressions

This new product enables advisories, watches and warnings for tropical disturbances that pose a threat for tropical storm or hurricane conditions to a land mass within 48 hours.

Starting this year, these tropical systems are in advisory products and numbered equally with depressions. For example, a Tropical Cyclone 3 can become Tropical Depression 3 or skip directly to a tropical storm if it’s the same system that has strengthened.

People in the areas that may be affected should start paying extra attention to the movement and strength of the system and have their personal preparations ready.

This new change makes it possible to get preparations underway earlier than waiting for the storm to fully form.