Traffic Inbox: Windermere intersection worries residents

By Ryan Harper, Traffic Anchor
Last Updated: Monday, June 19, 2017, 1:09 PM EDT

This past week, we received multiple submissions from Windermere residents regarding the same area.

  • Windermere residents say there are many crashes at intersection
  • Intersection of SR 535, Bluebird Pond is confusing, they say
  • Orange County officials say that intersection will get a traffic light

Here's one of them, as Christopher writes in this week:

"The intersection of State Road 535 (Winter Garden Vineland Road) and Bluebird Pond Road in Windermere has at least one accident a week. Most of the accidents involve multiple vehicles and people being taken away in ambulances."

When News 13 went out to the area, Hugo Lotina, one of Christopher’s neighbors, said he has now lived in the Windermere area off of Bluebird Pond Road for the past couple of years. On the surface, Lotina had nothing but great things to say about the area he lives in.

“The overall enjoyment of living out here is amazing,” Lotina said. “I love everything out here about it.”

However, one intersection, according to Lotina, routinely breaks the peace of this normally tranquil community by harboring serious accidents. And it's right by Lotina's house.

“There’s definitely a traffic issue situation here at this entrance in this community,” Lotina said.

He and his neighbors claim that people routinely become confused with a median, unsure of whether to stay or go.

“Quick reaction is definitely something you have to have out here,” Lotina added.

Residents said there's at least one fender-bender a week here. The most recent wreck that Lotina recalled was anything but minor.

"They went out into the median and actually T-boned and flipped a car,” Lotina recalled.

So what kind of help are Lotina and his neighbors looking for?

“A traffic light would definitely help out the congestion and overall safety of the neighborhood and the people that are driving the streets of Windermere,” he said.

News 13 contacted Orange County government, which said a traffic signal is under design for that intersection.

Design will take around four months, and the construction will take six months. They are expecting the light to be in operation by next spring or early summer.

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