Volusia County vet clinic now certified as fear free

By Christina Jensen, Reporter
Last Updated: Saturday, June 17, 2017, 1:19 PM EDT

A new trend is emerging in veterinary medicine across the country and now Volusia County is following the movement.

  • Volusia vet clinic now certified as fear free
  • Newman Veterinary Centers of DeLand fear free certified
  • Info on 'Fear Free Practices'

The Newman Veterinary Centers of DeLand was recently certified to become a fear free clinic.

The clinic uses several techniques to calm down their four-legged patients.

News 13 went into one exam room to see those techniques used on Lilly. 

Lilly is an Australian Shepard, pit bull mix who walked into the exam room in fear. 

"What’s this? What do they got for you,” said Melissa Holley, Lilly’s Owner. 

A pile of treats were waiting for Lilly. She also received a body massage to distract her while she was getting a vaccination. 

When Lilly finally received a vaccination, she was praised once again with one last treat.

There are added expenses for the treats that do cut into the clinic’s budget, but so far their four-legged patients love it and so do their owners.

“The more and more she comes in here and sees the staff, she has calmed down a lot," said Holley.

“At a core and a heart we want our patients to be happy, we want them to be healthy and happy," said Melissa Lohsen, Newman Veterinary Centers of DeLand.