Brevard County battling mosquitoes after 9 days of rain

By Greg Pallone, Brevard County Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 5:04 PM EDT

From drought to several days of rain, the Space Coast, like the rest of Central Florida, is breaking out of dry conditions.

  • 9 straight days of rain means lots of mosquitos
  • Brevard County targeting water-filled ditches
  • Rain stopping workers from spraying

But menacing mosquitoes aren't as welcome as the rain. They can breed in stagnant water left behind by heavy rains.

Brevard County Mosquito Control workers are targeting water-filled ditches, replenished by nine straight days of rain.

It takes five to seven days for mosquito eggs to hatch after it rains.  

Officials are particularly concerned about the next few days, when they can take flight from breeding areas.

That's because all the daytime rain has prevented workers from spraying during those hours, putting a damper on their effort to thwart mosquitoes before they hatch.

Brevard Mosquito Control addresses the most infested areas first, using 88 mosquito monitoring stations throughout the county. 

The Zika virus is not currently a concern, officials said. But other illnesses, such as the West Nile Virus, can be a concern.

Residents can do their part by going through their property and getting rid of anything that can collect water, such as old tires, cans, buckets or pails, and change bird bath and plant pot water at least once a week.

Residents should also:

  • Keep gutters clean and free of debris and leaves
  • Make sure the grass is cut short
  • Fill in tree rot holes or hollow stumps
  • Cover trash containers
  • Fill in or drain low places in the yard
  • Maintain your swimming pool

To see where nighttime spraying is happening, check out this interactive map from Brevard County Mosquito Control: