Pictures: 1st baby walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 1:07 PM EDT

SeaWorld Orlando recently welcomed its first baby walrus to the park.

  • 1st baby walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando
  • Mom Kaboodle and baby are doing fine, park says
  • Pair are not yet on public display

The calf was born just after midnight June 3 to first-time mom Kaboodle, SeaWorld said in a news release.

The pair have bonded and remain close, sometimes snuggling when they sleep, the park said.

Walrus calves are born with whiskers, and both males and females have large tusks that they use for defense, cutting ice and hoisting themselves out of the water.

Kaboodle, 14, and her calf are out of view of the public while SeaWorld veterinary teams monitor the pair.