Kids, parents pack Easter egg hunt at Cocoa Beach pier

By Greg Pallone, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hundreds of children surrounded the Cocoa Beach Pier on Easter Sunday morning ready to grab their share of Easter eggs in a non-traditional hunt.

  • Children gathered for Easter egg hunt at Cocoa Beach pier
  • Hundreds of plastic eggs filled with treats 
  • Eggs were dropped by helicopter

It was the third annual Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier Eggstreme Easter Egg Drop. Kids, baskets in hand, were eager to get their share. The plastic eggs filled with treats and more were dropped by beachside helicopters, which took off from the Merritt Island Airport.

"I got money, two candies and some eggs," said Cayden Pilz, visiting from North Carolina. 

The egg drop was broken up in age groups so little ones had a good chance of getting some eggs.

"I've never seen anything like that," said Cayden's mother Rochelle Pilz. "We didn't have that when I was a kid."