Brevard’s Supply Zone for Teachers celebrates donation milestone

By Caitlin Wilson, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, March 19, 2017, 2:55 PM EDT

The Supply Zone for Teachers in Brevard County is celebrating a very important milestone, it’s now donated $1 million worth of school supplies to teachers and students in need.

  • Supply Zone for Teachers has donated $1 million in school supplies
  • To celebrate, its holding a special giveaway on April 6
  • The store lets teachers pick out supplies for free

“Essentially, The Supply Zone is a store where teachers can go to pick out school supplies for their classrooms and students but unlike a regular school everything here is free,” said Elizabeth Schreiber, Supply Zone Program Manager. 

Now in operation for more than two years, The Supply Zone serves teachers from 22 of the highest poverty schools in the county.

“In that time we’ve helped around 3,000 benefiting around 50,000 students and distributing nearly $1 million worth of free school supplies,” Schreiber said. 

That million-dollar milestone is one of the reason the Supply Zone is celebrating. It will host a special giveaway on April 6 called the “Million Dollar Moment.” 

A hundred teachers from low-income schools will be invited and given hundreds of dollars of new school supplies.

“Right now we have over 30 schools that have more than 70 percent of their students on free or reduced lunches,” Schreiber said. “We can only serve 22 at this time but we hope to continue to grow so we can serve more and more of these high-need schools.”

To learn more about the Supply Zone for Teachers and the work they do in the community, visit its website by clicking here.