Orlando police: Body cameras lend context to incidents

By Bailey Myers, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, December 07, 2017, 7:04 PM EST

All of Orlando Police Dept.'s patrol officers are now fully equipped with body cameras.

  • All 435 OPD patrol officers now have body cameras
  • Police Chief Mina wants to show transparency
  • Officers will be posting more videos online, says Mina

Now that every one of his 435 patrol officers has the cameras, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said they are learning a lot about how the cams can be used to give a full picture of a difficult situation.

“I think it sends a very positive message. One, that we are being transparent to the community in our actions, and that there are a lot of positive interactions with the community,” said Chief Mina.

On Tuesday, a video was released by the Orlando Police Department showing several positive OPD encounters with the community captured with body cameras.

Chief Mina said these cameras allow them to be able to share more about their heroic acts while also learning more about how they can learn from each situation, because now they can play the scenarios back.

“What’s also captured is what leads up to an event like that and what’s said, and what’s done, and I don’t ever imagine us ever going backwards and not having a body worn camera program,” Chief Mina said.

Now that everyone is online at OPD, their Chief said people should expect to see more videos from his officers.

He also intends on showing more heroic acts and even some not so pleasant interactions with the public.