Kissimmee hotel closes, giving little time for tenants to leave

By Stephanie Bechara, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, December 04, 2017, 6:53 PM EST

An extended stay hotel in Kissimmee has shut down.

Twenty-five rooms at the Parkside Inn Suites are still in use by families, and tenants say they have too little time to move out.

James Blake recently had foot surgery, because he has a physically demanding job, and he hasn't been able to get back to work.

“I am still having issues with my foot. So it’s rough,” Blake said.

Blake said he has nowhere to turn after the hotel decided to shut down. He also said he's frustrated that he received less than a week’s notice to pack his bags and go.

We spoke with a local lawyer who says that, according to Florida Statute, eviction notices depend on how tenants pay.

If it’s a monthly payment, then a 15-day notice must be given before the end of the monthly period. But if payments are made weekly, then a notice must be given seven days before the end of the weekly period.

“My hope is that I am not sleeping on the streets tonight,” Blake said. “That I wake up in the morning on a bed.”

We spoke with other residents who said management is trying to force them off the property.

One tenant sent us video of his car being towed at the parking lot. He said he didn't know why it happened because his tag is valid, and he has established residency at the hotel for the past six months.

Another video shows locks that were recently placed on most of the doors on the building — something some residents believe could be a fire hazard.

Blake said some tenants were up-to-date on their rent, while others were behind. Nonetheless, he said this isn’t the way to go about it.

“With the locks and the tow trucks, they’re just bitter people. They want us out,” Blake said. “And it’s the holidays. I don’t personally know the owners, but I think they can be a little bit more compassionate.”

Spectrum News 13 tried speaking to management and the owner, however, we were asked to leave the property. We were not offered any explanations as to why the hotel has closed.

We also reached out to the Osceola County Fire, and it said the hotel is not up to code and that they have a lot of fire and building violations.