Altamonte Springs man charged after taking photos of women in dressing rooms

By Jeff Allen, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, December 04, 2017, 10:19 PM EST

A man is facing charges after police said he was caught taking pictures of women in a mall dressing room.

  • Altamonte Springs man arrested for taking photos in dressing rooms
  • Santiago tried deleting photos off phone
  • Man charged with video voyeurism, tampering w/ evidence

Investigators said on Friday night, a customer at Forever 21 in the Altamonte Springs Mall complained Jose Santiago was taking pictures of her while she was trying on clothes.

Police said when they confronted Santiago, he was trying to delete the pictures off his phone.

Investigators with the Altamonte Springs Police Department said the 40-year-old was using an Apple watch to control his cell phone in the victim’s dressing room.

“Not only is it shocking to us and everyone else, we also quickly think who else could be affected by this, and at this time, we’re actively looking to make sure that if there are any other victims, we can find that information and maybe locate them,” said Det. Anthony Van Cleave with the Altamonte Springs Police Department.

Investigators seized Jose Santiago’s cell phone and Apple watch and are looking through pictures to see if there are any other victims.

“All these techy products these days make it easier for them to do that, which is a shame, because you really do have to pay attention to cameras up and above and I guess down below now too,” said shopper Liza Riedel.

Santiago is facing charges of video voyeurism and tampering with evidence.

He posted bond over the weekend and was released from jail.