Surprise baby sloth steals hearts at Texas zoo

By Anna Gallegos, Spectrum News
Last Updated: Friday, December 01, 2017, 4:26 PM EST

Oh, baby! Residents of one Texas city are welcoming a new bundle of joy.

  • Texas zoo got surprise baby arrival late last month
  • Two-toed sloths Sid and Sylvia had a baby
  • Zoo is asking the public to help name the baby sloth

The Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo welcomed a baby sloth into the world Nov. 17.

The baby was a surprise for the two-toed sloth parents, Sid and Sylvia, according to the zoo. Because of their thick fur and slow-moving lifestyle, sloths don't show obvious signs of pregnancy.

Much like its parents, the baby is sleeping most of the day. Zoo officials say the wee one may spend up to two years wrapped around its mother.

Right now, the newborn doesn't have a name. Zoo officials are asking the public for suggestions starting on Friday on the zoo's Facebook page.

The Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo in Texas is soliciting name suggestions for their little surprise arrival. (Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo Facebook page)