Toy poodles from Ocala hoarding case need homes

By Sarah Panko, Marion County Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 6:43 PM EST

Marion County officials say it was one of the largest animal cruelty cases they've had. They removed 56 toy poodles from an Ocala home in October. 

  • 56 poodles removed from Ocala home in animal cruelty case
  • 46 were put up for adoption this week
  • 5 of the 46 still need homes

Over a month later, most of the poodles have found homes, and animal officials are trying to find homes for the five that are left.

Officials say the toy poodles were thin. Some lost their teeth or have cataracts in their eyes. All of them had worms and were severely matted.

"They’re only 10 or 12-pound dogs and there were 2 to 3 pounds of matting that came off them," said Deborah Horvath, director of Marion County Animal Services.

Officials say one of the older dogs died and eight were sent to a poodle rescue.

The court granted Animals Services custody of all but one of the poodles, and this week officials started adopting them out. 

Cars lined up at Marion County Animal Services for what workers called on Facebook "Poodlepalooza."

A total of 46 toy poodles were available for adoption. Forty-one have already found homes.

Janet Manfredo, 59, was arrested for animal cruelty in connection to the case. 

Her son says she had no choice but to house the dogs after a dog kennel she helps run was damaged in a storm.

County officials say the judge allowed Manfredo to keep one of the dogs.

To see all of the dogs up for adoption in Marion County, head to the Marion County Animal Services website.