Traffic Inbox: Dangerous stretch of Michigan Avenue in Kissimmee

By Ryan Harper , Traffic Anchor
Last Updated: Monday, November 13, 2017, 11:52 AM EST

Imagine the first turn out of your driveway leads to a dangerous and heavily congested road.

  • Stretch of Michigan Avenue in Kissimmee is dangerous to navigate
  • Drivers often speed along the roadway

That’s what Anthony Martinez deals with on a daily basis.

The road in question is Michigan Avenue in Kissimmee, just south of the Osceola Parkway.

In this week’s submission, Martinez writes:

"It's like a game of double-dutch trying to get out of my community.  Cars go fast here on Michigan Avenue like they are racing each other, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.  I wish they would put a

Martinez has seen his fair share of busy roads.

He’s an AC Contractor who travels all across the state of Florida.

However, he finds the most concerning aspect of his commute just exiting his own community at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Oak Grove Court.

"They tell you to look left and look right, but you got to look left, right, left, right and then you got to look left, right one more time before you actually exit," he said.

And it can be even more of an adventure on the weekends.

"Friday and Saturday night, it looks like a raceway,” Martinez said.  “You got a lot of the speed cars just zooming by. It's crazy.  I'm scared somebody is going to get hurt."

While we were there, when travelling the posted speed limit, other vehicles were speeding past us.

Martinez has some ideas for a solution.

"There used to be an officer, a motorcycle officer here and they would know because you would see everybody slow down,” said Martinez.  “That, or put a traffic light here.  Put a traffic light here and that would stop them and deter them from future accidents."

We’ve been told that a traffic light is not currently planned for that area.

We also reached out to the Kissimmee Police Department which said they would inquire about the area.