Brevard residents face eviction after Irma, storms ruin apartments

By Greg Pallone, Brevard County Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, October 09, 2017, 5:35 PM EDT

More than two dozen residents of a Brevard beachside apartment complex are being told to leave because Hurricane Irma, plus strong storms weeks later, flooded their homes.

  • Tenants of building at Brittany Apartments must leave
  • Irma, storms Oct. 1 flooded apartments
  • They have until Oct. 14 to get out or face eviction

Tenants at the Brittany Apartments on Eau Gallie Boulevard were notified Oct. 5 that they had to be out by Saturday, Oct. 14 -- or face eviction.

Some of the people say they have no resources or no place to go.

"It's impossible without the help of others or something miraculous happening," said Ben Bowman, who found a letter from an attorney taped to his door last Thursday.

"The water started coming up from the rainstorm on Sunday," he said as he showed us his hallway.

"This is where all the water was coming in," he said guiding us to the bedroom window. "And obviously we are packing, and that's why we have all this stuff out."

Irma's rains flooded several apartments on Sept. 10. Management pulled up soaked carpets. The real damage happened Oct. 1, when an already water-inundated Brevard County received more than a foot of rain.

Twenty first-floor apartments were flooded.

Seventy-three-year-old Annick Teixeire had flood-damaged walls ripped out of her bedroom.

She said they've been living with mold and mildew.

"We are going to put a humidity machine in there, go sleep in the living room, put a sleeping bag out there," she said. 

Annick cares for her 87-year-old husband Roy, who suffers from Alzheimer's.

"Why leave us here the whole month of September in those conditions, or even worse, say that we will repair, and all of a sudden on Oct. 1, we all have to go?" she asked.

In a statement, Northland Investment Corporation, which runs Brittany Apartments, says "damage to 20 units at the property is so extensive that the units cannot be fully remediated while tenants remain in place. Northland is providing replacement apartment homes at one of four communities in the immediate vicinity, with the right to return after repairs are completed."

"Half the size, for much more money," said Teixeire.

"If we went to one of theirs it would transfer, but it's also going to be more a month, so do you do that?" said Bowman. "I don't know, man. A week, less than two weeks isn't enough time to figure it out."

We asked Northland if rent is more at their other properties. They said they are getting back to us.