Recent rains, gail-force winds deal Brevard beaches another blow

By Greg Pallone, Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, October 06, 2017, 7:40 PM EDT

Brevard County's beaches have been left badly battered after last weekend's storms, plus wind and rain for several days.

The big blow came last weekend, with a storm that dumped more than a foot of rain, then this week with gale-force winds sending waves crashing into the shoreline.

For the people who run the Sandy Shoes motel in south Melbourne Beach, it's another worrisome time.

"(For) Irma, we had some minor damage, but nothing major, and really no erosion," employee Helen Moseley said. "But (then) last weekend with all that rain, we lost a lot."

This past weekend, the area got more than a foot of rain, plus wind and strong ocean waves took out lots of sand, leaving their hotel closer to the beach below.

It's reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which pummeled the U.S. eastern seaboard. It washed away sand up to the edge of the hotel.

"On the north building, some of the foundation was exposed," Moseley said. "That dune has been put back since, and of course we had sand earlier in the year. But we are losing some of that now."

Moseley said they check the beach daily, and with more rain on the way, they are still very concerned.

The county is hoping to begin the next beach renourishment project in November. It's asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $4 million to help fund it.