Melbourne airport official: We'll continue using 'Orlando' in name

By Greg Pallone, Reporter
Last Updated: Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 4:48 PM EST

The David-vs.-Goliath saga continues between two major Central Florida airports.

Orlando International Airport and Orlando-Melbourne International Airport have been in a battle over the use of The City Beautiful's name in the title.

  • Melbourne official calls name 'vital part of our marketing'
  • Melbourne airport is about 70 miles from theme parks
  • Both staffs to meet soon, consider resolution

On Monday, the Melbourne Airport Authority voted to continue using its current name after a presentation showed the word "Orlando" being used in airport marketing as far back as 1999.

Board member Bill Potter called it a blatant attempt to limit competition.

"It's not a matter of fighting back, it's just asserting that we are doing nothing improper, and this is a vital part of our marketing. And we will continue to do it," Potter said.

The Melbourne airport is located some 70 miles away from Orlando theme parks.

The use of the word "Orlando" has OIA officials up in arms — previously saying it has passengers confused, many thinking they were flying in much closer to Orlando.

But it hasn't stopped the airport authority from utilizing the name "Orlando" for a marketing tool.

"If we are to grow this airport, we have to help people understand we are in the Central Florida market," Potter said.

Dawn Maxfield and coworker Thea Furney routinely fly out of Orlando-Melbourne International Airport on business.

Furney used to fly out of Orlando International instead and encourages travelers from other areas to fly in and out of the Space Coast.

"I would consider driving the extra miles here to get in and out quickly," she said.

We're told the Greater Orlando Airport Authority and Orlando-Melbourne staffers will be meeting soon to find a resolution outside of the courtroom.