Weather Blog: Exceptionally dry July in Central Florida

By Jamie Martin, Meteorologist
Last Updated: Tuesday, August 02, 2016, 4:51 PM EDT

If you thought it was pretty hot and dry along Florida’s east coast last month, you would be right.

  • Rain totals are below average
  • Temperature records for July will be out soon

Melbourne's airport had only 1.09 inches of rain in July, 4.87 inches below normal. That makes it the second lowest in recorded history at the location. They haven’t seen measurable rain for the past 28 straight days.

Vero Beach's airport got only 0.61 inches of rain. That makes it the driest July in recorded history.

Daytona Beach had its second driest July ever with only 0.71 inch.

Orlando ended up with 3.99 inches. It was a lot more than other cities but was still 3.28 inches below average for July.

The temperature numbers will be out soon, and I’ll update you as soon as they come in.