Kissimmee hotel fire leaves residents with uncertain future

By Stephanie Bechara, Osceola County Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, January 02, 2017, 8:05 PM EST

A good portion of the Unno Hotel that caught fire Friday in Kissimmee is non-existent, but some families are hopeful they may be able to return to the untouched wing.

Families impacted by the fire are worried about what's to come, especially with school starting up again very soon.

"My brain has been gone,” said Suheily Falcon, mother of four. “I cannot even work calmly without remembering something because I am worried with what is going to happen."

Falcon worries about her kids' future and feels stuck. She lost everything she owned to Friday's fire.

A big question in her mind is where she will go after she has to check out of the hotel she's in as that room is being paid by donations.

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"I work… I am a hard worker and I am here for my kids and my family. That is all I want. I don't want nothing else. I just want my kids to have a roof over their heads," she explained.

Some families are wondering if after their hotel stay they could go back to the hotel. However the building still standing has no power or water at the moment.

Falcon works at BurgerFi to take care of her children. "I work, I just need that little extra push to start all over again,” she added.

With school starting next week, Falcon worries about how all of this instability will affect her kids.

While she's grateful for the help she's received so far, Falcon hopes someone perhaps at the federal level can step in.

"I will appreciate it that they could help us out in any way,” Falcon said. “I know you guys have been doing it. But I think we need a little bit more so we could find somewhere to live."

In order to open up the units in the unaffected building, county officials say the hotel owner has to work with the insurance company. Then and only then, can officials come out and make sure everything is up to par, and possibly allow people to move back in. sites are not managed by News 13. For more information on how the site works and the rules, visit