Buzz Aldrin recovering after South Pole medical evacuation

By Ashley Carter, Digital Media Producer
Last Updated: Thursday, December 01, 2016, 8:07 PM EST

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is recovering at a hospital in New Zealand after being medically evacuated from the South Pole.

  • Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from South Pole
  • Statement" Aldrin being treated for fluid in his lungs
  • In 1969, Aldrin became 2nd man to walk on the moon  

Aldrin, who is a Brevard County resident, was visiting the South Pole as part of a tourist group. White Desert, the tour company, said in a statement that Aldrin’s “condition deterioriated” during the tour.

Aldrin, who will turn 87 on Jan. 20, was evacuated on the first available flight out of the South Pole to McMurdo Station, the U.S. Antarctic research center.

Aldrin's Twitter team tweeted a picture of the former astronaut in the hospital.  

Aldrin's team posted this statement on his website, which was temporarily shut down because traffic was so heavy.

"The evacuation flight for Buzz Aldrin has successfully landed at Christchurch, New Zealand and he has been transferred to hospital for examination. He is currently has fluid in his lungs but is responding well to antibiotics and being kept in overnight for observation. His condition is stable and his manager, who is currently with him, described him being in good spirits.

"We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the team at the American National Science Foundation for accommodating Buzz and his manager on one of their flights from the South Pole to New Zealand via McMurdo."

This week, Aldrin posted several pictures of himself preparing for his trip to the South Pole.

One post included the caption, “I could be a little underdressed for Antarctica. Although I tend to be hot blooded.”

In 1969, Buzz Aldrin became the second man to walk on the moon as part of Apollo 11 mission.

Katie Eastman of TWC News contributed to this report.