Osceola considers red light cameras at 10 intersections

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 12:07 PM EDT

More red light cameras could be coming to Osceola County.

The county manager was authorized to begin negotiations with American Traffic Solutions to place the cameras at 10 intersections that were recommended by the sheriff.

Those intersections were based on crash data. They are:

  1. Pleasant Hill Road and South Orange Blossom Trail
  2. U.S. 192 and North Poinciana Boulevard
  3. Cypress Parkway and North Doverplum Avenue
  4. North Orange Blossom Trail and East Osceola Parkway
  5. South Poinciana Boulevard and South Orange Blossom Trail
  6. Vineland Road and Polynesian Isle Boulevard
  7. Vineland Road and North Poinciana Boulevard
  8. South Poinciana Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road
  9. Celebration Avenue and U.S. 192
  10. Partin Settlement Road and U.S. 192

The county attorney was also assigned with preparing an ordinance, and a fee schedule for the citations.

American Traffic Solutions is the company that handles red light cameras for several municipalities throughout Central Florida.