George Zimmerman trial: Juror says civil rights were violated

Last Updated: Friday, June 21, 2013, 11:44 AM EDT

The dismissed potential juror who returned to the courthouse on Friday and was escorted out, claims his civil rights were violated.

Late Tuesday night, the Florida Civil Rights Association announced that it is investigating the claim made by Jerry Counelis.

Counelis was dismissed from the jury pool in the George Zimmerman trial last Wednesday reportedly because of a post he made on Facebook earlier this year.

Friday he returned to the jury assembly room, saying he was upset about the jury selection process. Deputies escorted him off the property.

After that, the civil rights group says he was quote "... defamed by Zimmerman's Defense team in a desperate attempt at sympathy from the public."

The FCRA contends defense attorney Mark O'Mara characterized Counelis as a "stealth juror" who came in with a hidden agenda.

We reached out to Mark O'Mara for reaction, but due to the late hour we have not yet heard back.