'Aggressive' monkey captured after running amok in Sanford

By John W. Davis, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, September 10, 2012, 10:00 AM EDT

A pet monkey wildlife officials called aggressive is back at home after spending part of the day Sunday on the loose in a Sanford neighborhood.

Once the monkey’s owner found out it was gone, he said he drove all over the neighborhood looking for it.

When the monkey, named Zeke, heard the sound of his owner’s truck, he hopped right in.

Somehow Zeke got out of a reinforced metal cage and began roaming Live Oak Boulevard near Lake Mary Boulevard.

It caused quite a commotion in the neighborhood.

“Actually, I found out through Facebook because our neighbor posted something,” said Sanford resident Samuel Boyleston.

The man who called 911 around 2 p.m. said he thinks he may have unintentionally provoked the monkey.

“I was heading up toward Blockbuster and I saw this thing and I thought it was a dog and then I was like, ‘no it’s a monkey.’ So I guess I did what you’re not supposed to do, because when it looked at me I ran away and tried to go up on a guy’s porch to try and have him let me in and seek shelter and the monkey ran up onto the porch with me so I kicked it because it charged at me,” said Sanford resident Samuel Boyleston.

And Zeke, the pet monkey’s, day in the neighborhood had just begun.

“He was jumping all over the trucks and the cars and stuff. Then he got on our roof, then he went to the neighbors roof. He jumped on there and he had a satellite dish and he jumped on there and he was eating the satellite dish, so we threw a banana and he wouldn’t take the banana. So he went to side gate of our house and he started shaking our gate like ‘let me in, let me in,’” described neighbor Sherri Futrell.

By this time, Animal Control was doing their best to catch Zeke, but the monkey had already made other plans.

“And five minutes later he’s in back, in our backyard chilling out on our pool deck. It’s crazy!” said Futrell.

Zeke did bite or scratch one or two people, but they were minor injuries.

The owner has the proper permits for the monkey, but said he’s gotten out of his cage several times over the last few weeks, so the owner is planning to take Zeke to an animal refuge on Monday.

Sanford police, Animal Control and Florida Fish and Wildlife were all on the scene to try and capture the monkey.