Derrick Henry campaign responds to voter fraud allegations

By Saul Saenz, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, September 03, 2012, 7:53 AM EDT

Derrick Henry's campaign workers responded to allegations of voter wrong-doing Sunday.

Henry is running for mayor of Daytona Beach.

Two weeks ago, the Supervisor of Elections, Ann McFall, announced her office was looking into questionable absentee ballots gathered by Henry's campaign.

In 2012, Henry won a city commission seat for zone five and was in office when he was charged and arrested for voter fraud after one of his workers fraudulently requested absentee ballots.

Henry was suspended from office by then-Governor Charlie Christ.

Henry resigned his seat shortly thereafter.

However, the former city commissioner paid restitution fees and was never convicted of a felony, which is why he is able to run for mayor of Daytona Beach.

Henry's campaign manager responded Sunday to allegations of questionable absentee ballots, of them those ballots belonging to a voter who died in May, but the ballot was dated August 21.

"Someone inadvertently, probably put a date on in noticing the date was empty. It's very common for dates to be left off by people who are in a hurry filling out absentee ballot request. [Wouldn't that be illegal though, putting in a date on somebody else's ballot?] Uhm, no," said Henry's campaign manager, Maureen Durham.

The Supervisor of Elections Office also found that several absentee ballots were filled out by convicted felons.

Durham says it is not a campaign worker's responsibility to ask or determine if the person requesting an absentee ballot is a felon.

The campaign manager said it is the responsibility of the Supervisor of Elections Office to determine a voter's ineligibility.

McFall disagreed in a previous interview two weeks ago when questions first surfaced about absentee ballots submitted by Henry's campaign.

"The candidate is responsible for what the person's workers do," said McFall.

McFall said her office's inquiry into those absentee ballots may not be finished until after the November election -- setting up a similar scenario where Henry, if he wins, may take the mayoral seat before that inquiry is finished.