Casey Anthony: Baez criticizes investigators, Ashton in new book

By Adam Longo, Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, July 06, 2012, 4:58 AM EDT

The war of words in the Case Against Casey continues a year after the controversial verdict.

In his new book, defense attorney Jose Baez levels his biggest criticism squarely at the Orange County Sheriff's Office and one of the prosecutors.

There was no love lost between the two men who labored the most in this case.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton leveled harsh criticism at Baez with his book release last year, and now as Baez releases his book – it’s his turn.

With big posters and harsh words, Baez slammed the investigation of Casey Anthony during her trial.

He called it a "fantasy of forensics."

From computer searches and heart stickers, to chloroform levels and bug evidence, Baez said he disproved it all.

“They got out of that trial with egg on their face and instead of quietly sticking their tail between their legs, they went out and held a press conference and talked about how professional they were,” said Baez.

Baez said the two things that riled him up the most were the investigators trying to get George to talk with Casey behind his back and when Casey's reaction in jail the day her daughter's remains were found was recorded.

“I think this department needs to stand and own up to some of its unprofessional behavior,” said Baez.

When prosecutor Jeff Ashton's book came out last year, Ashton directed plenty of criticism toward Baez.

How would Baez respond?

“My criticisms of Jeff Ashton in the book, I really held back a lot,” said Baez.

“I didn’t want to get into petty name calling.”

But he did call him one name -- A coward.

Baez said Ashton "abandoned" his team when it came time for Casey's sentencing.

“I did call him that name because I felt what he did was so egregious that it warranted a characterization,” explained Baez.

Ashton is running for Orange-Osceola County State Attorney.

Baez said based on his experiences, he doesn't plan to support Ashton's candidacy

“How can you have someone who can't control their emotions lead and determine who lives and who dies? That’s an awesome responsibility,” said Baez.

Baez wrote that despite the fact he won, he doesn't believe Casey got a fair trial because some of the rulings on motions that went against him.

Things he said would have surely been turned over on appeal.

Baez also criticized the Orange County Sheriff's Office and both judges assigned to the case.

The book is more than 400 pages long and Baez told me there's a lot he couldn't fit in because it was just getting too long.