Kissimmee pastor wanted for identity fraud

By John W. Davis, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, July 12, 2012, 11:02 PM EDT

A pastor, who is currently out on bond for sexually assaulting a male teenage church member, is now wanted for fraud.

Kissimmee Police officers are looking for Pastor Angel D. Perez-Nieves, who serves as the pastor at Templo Pentecostal Church on Columbia Avenue. 

Investigators said they have issued an arrest warrant on fraud charges for Perez because he put the church’s security alarm bill in a member’s name, and wasn’t paying the bills.

 “The victim came forward and let us know she received a call from this alarm company letting her know that the bills for the alarm for the church haven’t been paid and that her credit score was in jeopardy and she was confused because she didn’t have an account for an alarm system for the church,” said Kissimmee Police Spokeswoman Stacie Miller.

We tracked down the victim who is pressing charges but she did not want to be interviewed.

We also stopped by Perez ‘s home in Kissimmee near the Osceola County-Polk County border. No one answered the door. However, investigators said Perez asked for members' names, dates of birth and social security numbers claiming it was for the purpose of “state recording.”

Kissimmee Police said that Angel Perez-Nieves has two options.  He can either turn himself into authorities at any police agency or he will eventually be picked up by law enforcement.

According to police reports, detectives said Perez committed fraud because he forged the victim’s signature.

Perez’s next-door neighbor said the friendly neighbor he knows would not do this.

“I don’t believe that he actually did it because people come to his house to pray and everything else,” said Perez’s neighbor Ivan Jordan.

If anybody is asking you for your personal information, you should always question it. You should never give up your personal information. Regardless on who it is,” added Miller on behalf of Kissimmee Police.

We also reached out to Perez’s lawyer Thursday.  He said he would not be commenting on the case until Friday morning.  

At this time, Perez has not been arrested.

Meanwhile, Perez is already out on bond in a previous sexual battery case.  His new bond on fraud charges will be set at $3,000.