Trayvon Martin memorial items transferred to museum

By Jeff Allen, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, December 13, 2012, 10:42 PM EST

Items from the original memorial site for Trayvon Martin are now at the Historic Goldsboro Museum and Welcome Center.

The Sanford Museum transferred the items Thursday.

Trayvon Martin was shot back in February during a confrontation with George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder. He says he shot Martin in self-defense

The items have been locked up in city storage for months. People living at the Retreat at Twin Lakes subdivision where the shooting happened, said they were attracting unwanted attention to their neighborhood and making it unsafe.  But Monday, city leaders agreed to hand the items over to Frances Oliver, who is forming a new memorial outside the Goldsboro Museum.

“The memorial was moved around, booted around, and now finally it has a home,” said Oliver.

“He died in our city, and I feel it shouldn’t have happened because he was just going to the store minding his own business, and to have this memorial means a whole lot to all of us in the community,” said Cindy Philemon, who works at the Goldsboro museum.

Francis Oliver says she hopes the new memorial will be a much more tranquil place, unlike the original memorial, so people can come and see how this case has changed the area’s history without being harassed.

The museum’s curator plans to gradually place the items from the old memorial on the new one in the coming days, and those items will be marked as items from the original memorial.

George Zimmerman is expected to go on trial in June.