Lawmakers agree to increase education funding in Florida

Last Updated: Thursday, June 08, 2017

A Bay area superintendent, along with others, made the trek to Tallahassee Wednesday to fight for school funding.

  • Lawmakers agree to increase education funding in Florida
  • School superintendents lobbied for more money Wed. 
  • Education funding to increase by $100 per student

Education funding is one of the two big reasons Governor Scott called lawmakers back for the special session.

Fifteen superintendents, including Pasco Schools Superintendent Kurt Browning were in Tallahassee Wednesday to lobby lawmakers for more money.

“If the existing budget had not been vetoed, we would certainly have not been able to provide the level of education and—that we need to do, to our families—in order to provide that world class education to the students that we serve and the families that we serve,” Browning said.

House and senate lawmakers agreed to increase education funding by $100 per student, which is an increase of $215 million statewide.

Lawmakers still have to decide where the money will come from. Two options are on the table right now. Either the money is taken from veto overrides in the budget, which would be a fix for only one year or a tax increase, which would be a recurring source of funding.

The house and senate have a very short time to work that out. The special session is set to end Friday at 6 p.m.