The Compassion Experience: Walk through the lives of less fortunate children

By Fallon Silcox, Reporter
Last Updated: Saturday, January 07, 2017, 2:24 PM EST

It's the constant, unchanging things that most people have come to expect and take for granted - things like your home, the food on your table, running water, or your electricity. 

One exhibit in Bradenton is trying to change all of that. 

  • Bradenton opens exhibit aimed to show people how less fortunate others are
  • Many start to take for granted things like food, water, electricity
  • Compassion Experience lets you walk through life of less fortunate children

“The Compassion Experience” is an interactive, immersive tour that travels the country to show people how less fortunate children in other countries live.  

On the tour, each person is given an iPod and a headset so they can listen to the story of the child who’s life their walking through. Then, they go through different rooms set up just like those in that child’s life.  

Chimere Stewart brought her four nieces to The Compassion Experience so they could see firsthand how other children live. As they walked through, her nieces pointed out the lack of clothes, shoes, and even food.

“She had her three brothers and they died and she and her sister were the only two who survived so she was kind of sad,” said Mara Johnson, Chimere’s 12-year-old niece.

“It was surprising how they couldn’t afford apples,” said Nyah Vance, Chimere’s 10-year-old niece.

Chimere said after the experience, she and her nieces realized just how fortunate they truly are.

“When you’re actually walking through the experience and it’s authentic and the actual person who grew up in those surroundings is narrating the story for you, it’s life changing,” said Chimere.

At the end of the tour, guests have an opportunity to select a child to sponsor. The tour is free and reservations are recommended.

It's held at the First Baptist Church and runs through Monday.