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The inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump is this Friday. How will you participate in the inauguration?

Are you attending any MLK Day events on Monday?

Should offices below state level be partisan or non-partisan?


Do you feel more can be done to protect public spaces like airports from shootings?

Do you make New Year's resolutions?

Yes, but just for fun, not as serious goals(10%)

Are you traveling for the holidays?

Yes, I'm going to be visiting family and friends.(18%)
No, I'm staying home and family and friends will be visiting.(31%)
No visits this year, just a quiet holiday.(46%)
So far, my plans are still up in the air.(4%)

What do you think was Central Florida's most impactful story in 2016?

Do you think "draining the swamp" is a good way to reform government in Washington?


Have you decorated the outside of your home for the holidays?

Yes we did.(48%)
Not yet, but we are planning on it.(7%)
No, we're not doing it this year.(41%)
Can you believe we still haven't decided yet?(4%)

Should legislators be prohibited from being lobbyists after they leave office?

Artificial Christmas tree or real tree?

Do you think the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania should take place?

Do you agree or disagree with the Florida House Speaker's decision to ban legislators from using smart phones while in committee meetings or on the floor of the House?

When do you start your holiday shopping?

How will you be spending Thanksgiving?

Which Hollywood movie being released in December are you most looking forward to seeing?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(39%)
La La Land(4%)
Assassin's Creed(6%)
Why Him?(3%)
None of the above(36%)

What race surprised you the most on Tuesday night?

U.S. House 7(8%)
Medical Marijuana(18%)
other race(6%)

YES or NO: Should President-Elect Trump now address his previous claims that the election was "rigged"?


Did you participate in early voting this year?

Yes, I did.(53%)
No, I'm going to vote on Election Day.(29%)
No, I can't vote.(5%)
No, I won't be voting this year.(13%)

Election Day is in one week. Are you suffering from political post fatigue on social media?

Yes, I have reduced my time on social media(56%)
No, I haven't changed my time on social media(30%)
I have actually been more engaged on social media(14%)
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