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Do you think transgender people should be banned from being in the U.S. military?

Who would you vote for in the Republican race for State House District 44?

Should political action committees be barred from donating money directly to candidate campaigns?

Should health care be provided to everybody by the government, or should health care and insurance remain a for-profit business?

Provided by government(62%)
For-profit business(38%)

Should there be a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution?

Our Film Buff says there are five movies to watch out for in July. Which one are you most excited to see?

The Big Sick(2%)
Atomic Blonde(4%)
Don't plan to see any(63%)

Our Film Buff says there are five movies to watch out for in July. Which one are you most excited to see?

The Big Sick(3%)
Atomic Blonde(4%)
Don't plan to see any(50%)

What's your favorite part of the Fourth of July holiday?

Who would make a better gubernatorial candidate?

Member of Congress(7%)
Member of State Legislature/Cabinet member(10%)
Somebody from the business world(36%)

Which Tampa Bay pro athlete will get the Hall of Fame call next?

John Lynch(52%)
Ronde Barber(21%)
Martin St. Louis(17%)
Vincent Lecavalier(10%)

Should charter schools get more per-pupil funding than traditional public schools?


What do you think of all of this rain we have been having lately?

It's great! My lawn needs it.(54%)
I could use a day or two off from it.(30%)
I want the sun back.(15%)
Not sure.(2%)

Should all members of Congress be provided with an armed guard for whenever they're out in a public setting?

Do you believe fired FBI director James Comey's testimony will ultimately have a negative impact on the Trump presidency?

Did you see "Wonder Woman" this past weekend?


The Powerball jackpot is now $375 million. How often do you buy lottery tickets?

How would you attack the opioid epidemic?

Education for prevention(29%)
More counseling for users(12%)
Harsher penalties for users(10%)
Harsher penalties for dealers(43%)
Nothing can really be done about it(5%)

Should oil drilling be allowed in the waters off the coasts of Florida?

Was President Donald Trump justified in firing FBI Director James Comey?


Do you think President Donald Trump should speak with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

Yes, some good may come out of it.(49%)
No, it might make matters worse.(37%)
I'm not sure.(14%)
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